CSA 2021 Signups Are Open!

This year, we're doing even more to connect you with the best quality foods and provisions, made by our trusted local partners. Now you can Subscribe to our Farm Box membership and get easy, reliable and affordable access to local groceries.

The foundation of our Farm Box is our fresh, naturally grown veggies and pastured, non-GMO eggs from our farm, just like always! With this new style of membership, your Farm Box also gives you access to fresh milk, homemade bread, farmstead cheese, sustainably grown fruit, grassfed yogurt, locally produced cooking oils, ethically sourced coffee, and an ever growing list of our favorite local products. Fill your custom Farm Box with whatever you have on your grocery list each week!

For local grassfed meats, add a custom Butcher Box subscription. Choose your price point and frequency to suit your needs and keep the freezer stocked with the best.

Deliveries are happening now! Jump in anytime for a prorated membership, or pay-per-delivery.

Pickup Locations:

Earth Spring Farm - Fridays 2pm to 8pm

Mount Pleasant Farmers Market - Saturdays 9am to 1pm

Uptown Farmers Market - Saturdays 9am to 1pm

*opens May 1!

Palisades Neighborhood - Saturdays 2pm to 8pm

Cleveland Park Neighborhood - Saturdays 2pm to 8pm

Tenley Village Neighborhood - Saturdays 2pm to 8pm

Coming soon! Sage Wellness in Mechanicsburg, PA

Need more info? Contact Us or check out the FAQ.

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